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Find the Best Dental Care

ADV-Care Pharmacy is the first online Canadian mail request drug store since 2000 placed in Ontario-Canada, staffed by a group of committed, Ontario-authorized drug specialists. Don't hesitate to contact us online all day, every day, by telephone amid business hours or drop in for an individual meeting with our drug specialists.

OTC Products:

Dental Care-


Helps healing and prevention of dry, chapped, sun and windburned lips.
Chapstick Checkout Cherry - Apply skin protectants found in chapped-lip preparations as often as needed to relieve irritation. These products may also contain a counterirritant to numb and soothe feelings of pain and irritation. Try to apply these products before exposing your lips to cold, dry air. It is better to protect your lips beforehand to avoid the pain of chapped lips. Lip balms have no anticipated common side effects. An allergic reaction or lip irritation may infrequently occur. There are no anticipated effects of overdose.


Blistex Ointment & Lip Medex C/S Apply up to 4 times daily. Children under 2 years old: Consult a physician. If symptoms worsen or persist, see a physician.

Peroxyl is a patented oral debriding agent/oral wound cleanser for temporary use to cleanse canker sores and minor wounds or minor gum inflammation resulting from minor dental procedures, dentures, orthodontic appliances, accidental injury, or other irritations of the mouth and gums, such as mouth burns, cheek bites and toothbrush abrasions. Oxygenating action removes debris allowing natural healing to occur.

Zilactin is a film-forming gel which provides immediate relief from the pain, itching and burning of canker sores, cold sores and fever blisters. Zilactin holds medication in place, permits normal eating and drinking and contains a proven anaesthetic to provide relief from pain.

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