Thursday, 12 November 2015

Buy Online Canadian Prescription Drugs

ADV-Care Pharmacy helps you to find any Canadian made prescription medication drugs available in Canada.We also provide group benefit management designed to meet the challenges of cost containment of pharmacy benefits at Source, while maintaining the benefits value to the customer.

Advantage of ADV-CARE Pharmacy:

We provide you with convenience that meets your expectations.If you have a Canadian Prescription Drugs plan we will bill your insurer. All you pay is the deductible. We will ship your order to the address of your choice including travel destinations outside Canada and also non-Canadian residents.
We will deliver to the address of your choice - including your holiday destinations outside Canada. You pay no shipping charges on regular orders of (CAD) $69.00 or more delivered in Canada. We accept all major credit cards. Or, if you prefer, you may pay by E-cheque or International Money Order. On special rush orders we will deliver your order within 24-48 hours in Canada.

Our customers' personal information is gathered only to establish a profile that helps us provide a fast and efficient service. We will not use the information for any marketing or other purpose, nor will we share it with any third parties.

Our prices are very competitive on more than 20,000 prescription and non-prescription items. Use our Drug Price to compare our prices with what you are paying now for the same product.


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